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Dear Prospective Student Teachers,
I express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for intending to study at Raidighi B.Ed. College, one of the leading teacher training institutions under University of Calcutta, a university of repute at national level. Our vision is to set the foundation for producing dedicated skillful and spirited teachers who can bring excellence in the scholarly quality of the learners they come across and play a vital role in knowledge building.

The present world scenario is experiencing enormous changes in all walks of life heading towards globalization. In this process, the rush of multinationals into Indian market generate among students an interest for taking courses on Management, Production, Marketing, Science, Technology, Engineering, Communication Technology. For effective transaction of such courses, we need trained and experienced teachers of outstanding personalities.

We look forward to bring together talents of excellent intellectual capabilities and develop their skill and ability so as to enable then to become leaders of the learning society. An ideal institution like Raidighi B.Ed. College having high quality infrastructural facilities, academic resources and qualified personnel, can take the responsibilities to meet the challenges of the learning world and produce teachers to achieve success beyond excellence .

On behalf of the management and faculty members, I take this opportunity to wish you best of luck to get selected to join us in the forthcoming session. With all best wishes.

“Detailed and in depth in recent years have shown that the quality of pre-service and in service teacher education programme in our country is deteriorating and that the professional commitment and overall competence of teachers leave much to be desired.” – Gopalan 2004